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College Basketball: Hot Seat Watch List 2019

By Jack Williams @d1coachcorner January 21, 2019

Our Hot Seat Watch List highlights division 1 head coaches who have, for the most part, been with their teams for over five (5) seasons but hasn’t yet produced a winning season or anything close to it. Or a major division 1 head coach who can’t seem to get his team past the first round of the NCAA tournament. Now that doesn’t mean that we have information on any of these coaches that’s on this list. These are just the list of coaches who we are watching and could possibly end up on the Hot Seat sooner or later.So with that said, who’s on our list for 2019?

1. Steve Alford of UCLA

On the top of our Hot Seat Watch List was Steve Alford. He was fired in the middle of the season, on December 31, 2018, the first major firing for the 2018-2019 season. Coach Steve Alford was fired for too much inconsistency. Coach Alford lead the team to three (3) Sweet Sixteen appearances, which may be pretty good for most teams, but not for UCLA, a team with deep traditions. UCLA doesn’t like inconsistency. Ben Howland led the team to three straight Final Four appearances in 2006-2008. But after leading them to the Final Four three years straight he was still fired because he coached the team for five more season afterwards without ever returning to the Final Four again. UCLA is a team with very high standards. Three (3) Sweet Sixteen appearances isn’t good enough for this team.

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2. Danny Manning of Wake forest

Another on is Coach Danny Manning of Wake forest, who is in his fifth Season as head coach there. Coach Danny Manning has only had one overall win season under his belt and that was in 2016-2017. Wake Forest lost in the first round of the NCAA tournament that season. Wake Forest is currently 0-3 in the ACC and it looks as if they are on pace to a winless season. But it doesn’t matter if they have a winless season or not it’s almost certain that Wake Forest is going to finish in the basement of the ACC. For that reason, Danny Manning is more than likely on his way out the door.

3. Marvin Menzies of UNLV

Coach Marvin Menzies was supposed to lead his 2017-2018 team to the NCAA tournament, with players like Brandon McCoy, Jovan Mooring, and Jordan Johnson on the roster. But what did we get? A 7th place finish in the Mountain West – and Prior to that an 11th place finish. And now UNLV is losing games to teams like Indiana State and Valparaiso.We picked UNLV to finish 3rd in the Mountain West for the 2018-2019 season behind Boise State. A 3rd place finish will probably secure his job for the next few seasons because it’ll mean that his team has the potential to get better next season. But if UNLV places anywhere less than 3rd Coach Menzies’ job may be in jeopardy next season. Keep in mind, coach Menzies wasn’t hired under the current athletic director either.

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4. Pat Duquette of UMass Lowell

UMass Lowell reclassified to division 1 in 2013 for the sole purpose of winning. However, they haven’t had a winning season yet under Coach Pat Duquette. How many losing seasons is UMass Lowell going to allow to pass before they give Coach Pat Duquette the can?

5. Anthony Latina of Sacred Heart.

Sacred Heart joined Division 1 competition in 1999 and has never participated in any national post season tournament since its reclassification. The point is- at some point this team is going to want to participate in a post season tournament. So far, Sacred Heart has only had one (1) winning season in the Northeastern Conference under coach Latina. Sacred heart finished in 2nd place in 2016 - Close, but no reward! Coach Latina currently has an overall record of 59-107.

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6. Corey Williams of Stetson

Coach Williams hasn’t finished better than 7th place since taking over the team. But like I said before, to his defense, the Hatters have never won a conference regular season title or a conference tournament title since joining Division 1 basketball in 1972. However, that doesn’t mean that they want to continue to lose. At some point this team is going to want to turn things around.

7. Jim Fox of Appalachian State.

Coach Fox is in his fifth season at Appalachian State and hasn’t yet produced a win season. Appalachian State is currently 0-4 for the season. Looks like we are going to see a repeat. If so, Coach Fox could probably be on his way out the door.

Chris Casey – Niagara - Fifth season Only 1 win season
Russ Pennell – Central Arkansas - Fifth season - Only 1 win season
Kareem Richardson – UMKC - 6th season - only 1 win season
Greg Herenda - Fair. Dickinson – 6th season - only 1 win season
Murray Garvin - S. Carolina St.- 7th season - only 1 win season
Tommy Dempsey – Binghamton - 7th season – No win seasons in the conference

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College Basketball: Hot Seat Watch List 2019 - Podcast

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