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College Basketball: Hot Seat Watch List (Updated 2-25-2019)

By Jack Williams

We are approaching the end of the season for a lot of conferences. It is guaranteed that as soon as the season ends we are going to see a lot of coaches get their pink slip. This season is very different from the previous season because we saw a good number of coaches fired in mid-season for a lot of different reasons. Some of them had nothing to do with college basketball or the coaches’ skills.

This year we only had one major firing to occur mid-season, that I’m aware of, and that was Coach Steve Alford of UCLA.

Included are a list of names that we have on our Hot Seat Watch List. As a disclaimer, we have no news stating that any of these coaches are going to be fired. These are just a list of names that we are watching for a number of different reasons.

Here they are:

Washington State – Ernie Kent

Like I said before, Coach Ernie Kent’s record is somewhat similar to the previous coach, Coach Ken Bone, except that coach Bon at least lead the team to the Semifinals of the NIT in 2011 and then to the CBI championship game the following year. Coach Kent hasn’t led this team to any post season tournaments nor has he had a winning season as of yet. So the chances of him losing his job after this season rises to about 80%. Remember, you only have five (5) season to make something happen.

Vanderbilt – Bryce Drew

Bryce Drew has a great chance of being fired after the end of the season. The reason is that Coach Drew is in his 3rd season in a major conference and he’s about to go winless. Historically, Vanderbilt has never won less than two (2) games in conference competition since joining the SEC in 1932.

California – Wyking Jones 

The 2017-2018 season marked the worst conference record in the California basketball program’s history and the 2018-2019 season has a chance to be worse than the 2017-2018 season. That’s bad. For this reason, Coach Jones may not make it to five (5) seasons.

Tulane – Coach Mike Dunleavy Sr.

Coach Mike Dunleavy Sr.’s Tulane team is doing pretty badly this season. They are winless in the American Athletics Conference. Out of the next six (6) games left three (3) of these games will be played on the road. Tulane’s best chances of winning will come against either East Carolina or Wichita State at home. Wichita State and East Carolina are not very good on the road. East Carolina is winless on the road and Wichita State is 1-7 on the road thus far. But three seasons in 10th place or less may cause Coach Dunleavy to lose his job in the near future.

Portland – Coach Terry Porter

As I’ve mentioned before, Coach Porter is one of the good to great NBA players turned division 1 college basketball coach that we’d discussed in Episode 11. We’ve discussed that good to great NBA players don’t do well as division 1 head coaches. Coach Porter is in his 3rd season at Portland and is winless with a 0-12 record. That’s not what Portland had in mind when they hired Coach Porter. There is a good chance that he may not make it to a 4th season.

Nebraska – Coach Tim Miles Coach

Tim Miles is in his 7th season at Nebraska and has only one (1) NCAA Tournament appearance under his belt. However, Coach Miles took this tem the furthest it has ever gone, which is the 2nd round of the NCAA tournament. Nebraska has never made it further than that in its history. They missed the NCAA Tournament last season but was selected to participate in the NIT, where they loss in the first round. The chances of Coach Miles getting fired is much smaller than those that I’ve mentioned earlier probably about a 50% chance. The reason is because he has had some successes with the team in his 7 seasons with them.

Others we’re watching:

Danny Manning – Wake Forest

Marvin Menzies – UNLV

Steve Wojciechowski – Marquette

Jim Christian – Boston College

Jim Fox - Appalachian State

Corey Williams – Stetson

Pat Duquette of UMass Lowell

Tommy Dempsey – Binghamton

Anthony Latina - Sacred Heart

Chris Casey – Niagara

Russ Pennell – Central Arkansas

Murray Garvin - S. Carolina State

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